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Thunderhill Raceway

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Friday, July 16—4:00 p.m.–Dark—Open Practice—Tech Opens—Tire and fuel sales will close at 7:00 p.m.  Weekend Pit Passes AvailablE! Get unlimited garage/pit access throughout the weekend—without having to wait for gate to open at 11:00A on Saturday. (Sorry, no refunds will be given on prepaid passes due to a rainout; however, they are transferable to the rescheduled date.) Overnight camping is encouraged and is FREE!

ALL DRIVERS (except for the Dwarf drivers)


Saturday, July 17

11:00—Pit Gate Opens for Garage/Pit Passes

11:00—Tech OpensAll cars must get a 2010 safety inspection prior to entering the race track.

11:45 until 3:15—Organized “Test-n-Tune,” as follows:

Dwarf Cars                     SportMods               Thunder Stocks      TSRS Allison Legacys        Super Stocks

11:45—11:55                   11:55—12:05                 12:05—12:15                12:15—12:25                   12:25—12:35

1:35—1:45                         1:45—1:55                       1:55—2:05                      2:05—2:15                          2:15—2:25

TSRS Late Models          Bandoleros **Pro Trucks Mini Stocks                  Grand Stocks

12:35—12:45                   12:45—12:55                 12:55—1:05                   1:05—1:15                        1:15—1:25

2:25—2:35                         2:35—2:45                       2:45—2:55                      2:55—3:05                          3:05—3:15

(All meetings will be held in the Pit Garage Lounge Area)

1:45—Meeting for THR and Series Staff and Officials

3:15—Track Closed for Cleanup

3:30—Mandatory Meeting for ALL Drivers, Spotters and Crew Chiefs—Dwarf Cars and SportMods must be lined up for qualifying before the Drivers’ Meeting.

4:00—Grandstand Gates Open


1. Dwarf Cars                                5.  ASA A-Line Super Stocks                 9.  Mini Stocks

2.  SportMods                                 6.  TSRS Late Models                           10.  Grand Stocks

3.  Thunder Stocks                        7.  Bandoleros

4.  TSRS Allison Legacys              8. **Pro Trucks


TEXAS CORVETTE ASSOCIATION—Parade Lap, Out-of-Car Introductions and Hot Laps (5)


  1. 1. Dwarf Cars
  2. 2. SportMods
  3. 3. Thunder Stocks
  4. 4. TSRS Allison Legacys
  5. 5. ASA A-Line Super Stocks
  6. 6. Steven Longley Memorial TSRS Late Model Race—In-Car Driver Introductions (stop on front straightaway)
  7. 7. Bandolerospresented by Schubert Racing Team
  8. 8. **Pro Trucks—Out-of-Truck Driver Introductions
  9. 9. Mini Stocks
  10. 10. Grand Stocks

*Schedule is subject to change, if necessary

**Featured Class

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